Great and competent guidance

“The service Mentees offer is certainly top-notch, and definitely something more students should consider in times where academic supervisors rarely provide any meaningful guidance” (Translated)

Daniel, bachelor’s

Outstanding thesis supervision

‘’..having a thesis mentor will help you keep calm during potential road bumps, because you know there’s always someone to call. It will definitely increase your chances of achieving a great master’s thesis. (Translated)

Mads, master’s

We can help you with your project

Does time, quality and grade matter to you?
Do you wish a safe and enjoyable academic journey?

We can help you with the steps in the academic project process:

  • Manage your concerns and the possible loss of motivation during the process
  • Formulate a solid problem statement, research question & hypotheses
  • Choose appropriate methodology and research approach
  • Compile a thorough literature review
  • Design the appropriate method for and scope of the collection of data
  • Draft the questionnaire for quantitative or qualitative research
  • Plan & execute a robust quantitative analysis with solid outcomes
  • Elaborate on reliability and validity of your primary and secondary research and make suggestions for improvement
  • Refine storyline, table and figure visuals
  • Check notations, findings, and conclusions
  • Extract implications to theory and practice
  • Prepare your handout materials for the exam / sponsor report-out
  • Rehearse for the exam including a simulation of questions you can expect

Pricing & Invoicing

We offer different academic mentoring and services corresponding to individual requirements:




5x voucher: DKK 4.500 ex. VAT

10x voucher: DKK 8.000 ex. VAT.

Every hour is prepaid.

Use MobilePay 78130 or
Bank account: 3742 11750494

Non-payment always issues a termination of our cooperation.

If we are unable to assign a mentor with the desired professional and / or personal profile, we may have to reject your request.

Rules of Engagement

  • We offer academic mentoring supplementary to that provided by your educational institution
  • We encourage and leverage your cooperation with your academic advisor
  • We do our utmost to deliver academic mentoring suitable to your personal and educational capabilities and objectives
  • We are experienced practitioners and/or academics within the requested subject areas
  • We communicate with you respectfully and with 100% discretion. Further, we comply with ethical and legal requirements for data management (e.g. Personal Data Act and the GDPR)
  • We are not educated to help you deal with severe mental or psychological disorders or problems. Should we experience evidence of such, we reserve the right to cancel further cooperation
  • We prefer to do the initial mentoring meeting with you face-to-face or using Skype
  • We kindly ask you to participate in our quality and satisfaction surveys as it supports our efforts for continuous improvements

More than just great project supervision

Your personal project management tool

When you have requested 10 hours of mentoring you get access to the tool. You get access to your own tailored project management tool based on years of experience from project management in academia and business.

The tool will provide you an overview of your project milestones, checklists, status and you will also receive feedback from your mentor within the tool.

If you are part of a group project, you will all get personal access to the tool and tasks can be assigned to different group members.

A mentor that matches your needs

Your personal project mentor will often have a similar educational background as yours, and a thorough understanding of your situation and what is best suited for your project. Whether you study humanities, social sciences or natural sciences – we have the right mentor for you.